Wednesday, March 6, 2013

LaHa-PT Process Pics

 Well. I got so excite starting this mural, that I forgot to get some pictures earlier than this.  Anyway, this one was considerably bigger than the Frisco Chalkboard so i was experimenting alot with this.  I found my horizon line and tapped it off.  I then drew in most of it with vine charcoal and sealed it.  Then painted the sky and clouds in.f

 Flat Clouds...

 Finished clouds...

 Staring in on the grass and bluebonnet patch.

 Bluebonnets and starting the horses and lazy longhorn.

Layering dirt and grass.

 My buddy Blayne to show some scale.
 Longhorns filling out.

 My favorite Longhorn.

 Cattle all about done.

 And its done! 

  And it's framed!

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